Corporate gifts singapore

Corporate gifts singapore

How to plan and order Corporate Gifts Singapore for the holidays?

We are nearing the end of the year. Now is the best time to order corporate gifts in Singapore. These gifts can be used to express appreciation to customers, employees, and other important contacts. They also serve as a way to boost morale and recognize individuals for their long-standing efforts.

Aquaholic Gifts product experts can help you if you don't know where to begin. These are some tips to help you find the perfect items for your vendors, employees, and customers.

1. Plan early

It is important to order promotional corporate gifts early. Your company must ensure there is enough time to personalize and ship the gifts.

This is even more critical than ever because recent supply chain and shipping problems have reduced the availability of many products. It is crucial that you have enough time between order and delivery date to prepare everything.

Aquaholic Gifts still has plenty of stock to meet your needs. There might be limitations. We cannot stress enough how important it is to start planning in the fall.

2. You Can Make Custom Corporate Gifts Everyone Will Love

Finding the perfect holiday gift for customers and staff starts with choosing something that appeals to everyone. An embroidered shirt or fidget spinner might not be the best gifts for everyone this holiday season. A smartphone charger or a new promo coffee mug are two examples of things that almost everyone can use every day.

Sometimes, it is better to order a few larger items than bulk to give to certain people. This allows you to spread your budget and ensure that your corporate gifts are high quality. This also reinforces the "it's your thought that counts" principle.

3. Set your budget

Also, it is important to establish a budget in advance. This will help you decide what corporate gifts are best for the year. Premium items are more expensive when ordered in small quantities. However, bulk purchasing corporate gifts singapore is often the best option for people who need to give corporate gifts to large numbers of recipients.

Custom engraved watches are far more expensive than promotional calendars. These gifts can be a viable option if the company is primarily looking to gift watches to a few select top performers. If the goal is to give a gift to all customers, then a smaller option such as imprinted notepads and branded tote bags, is better.

It will be easier to narrow down your options if you are more precise about the budget and how it is related to corporate gift goals.

4. Select the right supplier of promotional products

Although we might be biased, it is crucial to choose the right supplier of Corporate Gifts Singapore. There have been many instances when companies had difficulty getting their orders in time, on budget, and according to their specifications.

Aquaholic Gifts offers all the affordable holiday gifts your company could need. We are always available to help you with any request, no matter how small or large.

5. Personalize your gifts

You don't want your customers and employees to receive any random corporate gift. Instead, create your own Singapore Corporate Gifts. Add a logo, special message or company name.

Every item in our collection has an option to add your personal touch. You can add engraving, embroidery, full-color imprinting and many other options to your item. This is a great way for a gift item to become something that sparks excitement for many years. An customized embroidered Sherpa blanket is a great way to make your company part of holiday traditions for many years.

Looking for design ideas? For items that are sent to customers, a company logo and contact information can be a great option. Either a motivational message or a simple thank you note can be used for vendors or employees. It is also a good idea to add dates, times and locations using custom coordinates.

6. Packaging is important!

Packaging is an important aspect of corporate holiday gifts. This is a common mistake made by many companies. This is why many companies find themselves in a scramble last minute to find the perfect item before it's time for them to hand out the items.

You can avoid this by choosing customized packaging when ordering corporate gifts in Singapore. You can get customized packaging such as custom-printed tissue paper, personalized greeting cards and canvas bags with your company logos. Do edible gifts make part of the plan. You can choose from a variety of promotional gourmet box.

These are the 5 most popular promotional gifts product trends in 2022 and 2023

Marketing a business can sometimes be difficult. Promotional products that are highly sought-after one minute, disappear in a flash. Some products are timeless and never go out of fashion. It can be difficult to decide which ones you should use in your next marketing campaign and which ones you should skip.

Aquaholic Gifts is available to assist you. Our team is here to assist you in selecting the best promotional gifts or singapore corporate gifts for your company to kick off the new year with a boost to branding. This is our guide. These are five ideas that we think will be most popular for 2022 promotional products.

1. Virtual Event Giveaways & Hybrid Event Giveaway Items

Are you looking for marketing materials that will impress? It's important to consider what strategies are in place to reach your target audience. Many people limit their attendance to in-person events these days. Hosting a giveaway or virtual event via your website is a smart idea. Hybrid events with a large remote audience and a small attendance are a popular option.

These types of events are great because the promotional giveaways that they provide do not need to be expensive or extravagant. You could make a gift set with items like promotional pen and branded t-shirts. This is a great option if attendees want to sign up to your mailing list, complete a quote request form or gain information to help you build your marketing base.

A larger giveaway package can be purchased, such as a Bluetooth speaker and premium stationery set. You can also hold a raffle or select a few winners randomly when you go this route. The items can be sent directly to the lucky recipients.

Virtual events can be fun and engaging in many ways. They will leave your target audience with something to look forward too.

2. Branded Office Supplies

Many people continue to work remotely. Home office supplies are one of the most effective promotional items that a company can use to draw attention to their brand and product lines.

These products can be given away in person or via a virtual event. Items such as monitor stands, company logo calendars and notepads are a great way to impress people. These custom products can be customized for your company's remote employees to improve their work environments.

3. Eco-Friendly Promo Products

The popularity of eco-friendly products will continue to grow in 2022. Businesses can capitalize on this trend by focusing on eco-friendly giveaways.

Aquaholic offers several promotional items made from environmentally-friendly materials and recycled paper. Our custom-made seed paper greeting cards double as plant seeds and are a great option for your business. These cards can be paired with many of our other sustainable and green-living promotional products.

Additionally, promotional reusable coffee bottles as well as company logo coffee cups will look fantastic on the desks of users and in their car cup holders.

4. Promotional Tech Gadgets & Goodies

We live in an extremely tech-rich world, as everyone knows. Nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet, so they need a way of charging them. Users prefer to have a case or extra grip to make it easier to hold their mobile devices while traveling.

These promotional items are some of the most popular. You can add your personal information to a customized PopSocket or charging bank.

5. Reusable or Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

Eco-friendly promotional products, as we have already stated, are very popular right now. It is important to understand that eco-friendly can refer to many things. As people try to reduce their dependence on single-use plastics, reusable products are becoming more popular. The eco-friendly label will become more important as users reduce their consumption.

Many multi-use items like custom canvas bags reusable gym bag, logo brand memo boards, coffee mugs for travel, and promotional travel utensil set are gaining popularity. The best thing about adding your logo to reusable products is that your brand's advertising impressions will remain constant and ongoing.

Wrap up: The 2022 Marketing Trends in Promotional Products

Aquaholic makes it easy to find the right promotional products or singapore corporate gifts . Aquaholic can help you find the best promotional T-shirts with logos, or something more original. We're here for you to guide you on your way to branding success. You can browse our website to see more examples and ideas of the products we have discussed. Contact us if you have any questions.

Corporate gifts supplier

Just How Are Promotional Products Printed by our Corporate Gifts supplier in Singapore?

When buying corporate gifts products for your organization, organization, or occasion, modification is key. Branding your things with an organization name, firm logo design, or contact details gives audience members with a beneficial present while ensuring your company stays on their minds.

As you search our stock, you'll find a variety of means to publish your information on your marketing products. It's handy to recognize what these methods are and also on which items they work best. While some alternatives are wonderful for apparel, they're not such an excellent fit for custom mug printing or branded water bottles. As a matter of fact, some personalization methods are all out difficult on certain things. As an example, if one tries to inscribe their logo into a customized golf towel, it's not going to end well.

To help offer some perspective on this subject, we've created an overview worrying the most preferred means to inscribe a promotional product. Continue reading to end up being an imprinting specialist!

Silk Screen Printing

If your organization is seeking custom canvas tote bags or t-shirt printing, display printing is one of the most effective paths to take. This procedure is unbelievably common and entails far much shorter manufacturing times as contrasted to most other choices. This is especially true for bulk orders.

Additionally known as silk screen printing or silk screening, this method involves a pattern as well as an unique nylon mesh material. Unfavorable space in the style is blocked by a waterproof material. After that, the area is flooded with ink, producing the wanted style.

This technique is generally used on fabrics. Nonetheless various other items such as wood, steel, plastic, and also glass can likewise be screen printed. The most significant disadvantage to printing is that it is not suitable for extremely complicated designs. While multicolor pictures can be generated by means of printing, it does add to both the cost and also production time.

Following are some of the common corporate gifts suitable for screen printing.

Notebook Printing

Custom Cooler Bag

Thermal Flask Printing

Shoe Bag Printing

Full Color Printing

Any person that has published a photo utilizing an office or home computer has actually experienced full color printing. This is where all of the of a design are published straight onto the item at the same time. This isn't simply limited to paper and standard printers though. Many different products can be decorated via complete color printing. There's a vital distinction in between a full-color printer and also an office design printer. Industrial style complete printer are massive as well as can publish numerous things at the same time.

Aquaholic offers numerous items with an option for full-color printing. As an example, our full shade cork base coasters are embellished with photo high quality images completely, rich, as well as vivid layouts. Another popular corporate gifts with this method is umbrella printing for companies.

Debossing Imprint

Unlike standard printing, debossing makes it feasible to inscribe a certain layout on a product by producing an anxiety in the appearance. It resembles embossing, with a few key differences. The largest variation between the two is that debossing produces a logo design picture that's pushed right into the top of the product, whereas embossing creates a three-dimensional layout that protrudes from the top using pressing from all-time low.

At Aquaholic, we usually utilize debossing on products such as our custom-made natural leather journals, promotional coasters, and also anything with a natural leather tag or element.

Dye Sublimation Imprint

The dye sublimation procedure uses high warmth to move ink onto a material. The outcome is a complete transfer of a photo to the material, regardless of just how intricate or in-depth it is. The majority of print homes take into consideration dye sublimation to be the recommended approach for electronic printing.

If your company is looking for marketing products that resemble an image or graphic layout piece, you'll intend to undergo our supply for those that discuss dye sublimation. As an example, we provide face masks, banners & pennants, trade convention table covers, occasion outdoors tents, lanyards, socks, and also shoe laces that can be personalized utilizing this technique.

Pad Printing Method

Have you ever questioned exactly how one is able to inscribe a logo design develops custom-made mugs? It's normally accomplished using pad printing. Pad printing is a special process that makes it possible to print a two-dimensional photo on the side of a three-dimensional item.

Essentially, pad printing includes making a huge rubber pad of the layout as well as marking it onto the item. We usually utilize this process for distinctively formed things like stress balls, plastic boxes, fly swatters, as well as many others.

Laser Engraving method

For luxe or premium products, laser inscription is usually the favored branding technique. This procedure includes a focused beam moving via an electronic system, serving as a sculpt on the surface of the product. As the material is relocated away, the layout is developed. Much of the appeal of this technique comes from the fact that the styles it produces won't ever subside or discolor, as they are permanently engraved right into the item.

This printing technique helps numerous products, including wood, steel, cork, and also some plastics. Instances of products that are often laser etched consist of individualized kitchen knives, coasters, cooking area cutting boards, and custom pens.


When thinking about embroidery, a photo of a person thoroughly moving a needle and also thread most likely enters your mind. While this is exact when speaking of embroidery in the typical sense, it frequently functions a bit differently within the advertising item industry. Though the procedure still entails stitching a design into a textile with tinted thread, the execution is vastly different when executed on a business degree scale.

Embroidery for personalized items entails a big machine that makes it possible to sew layouts immediately on several pieces at once. This enables us to add your logo or message to things like polo shirts, hats, and lots of other promotional apparel things.

Which is the best approach for imprinting marketing items as corporate gifts?

Picking the ideal printing method for your needs generally boils down to two aspects: your budget plan and the item itself. A 3rd factor to think about is your concept for the layout and what and/or structures will certainly suit it finest.

While we've currently covered that specific products are better for specific kinds of printing, it's also vital to recognize that even more intricate approaches cost more for mass items. If your company is operating a restricted spending plan or has a huge order to area, after that it might be best to choose an extra basic printing style.

At Aquaholic, we consist of the logo branding approach in each product summary to help give a suggestion of what to expect. This likewise helps to limit item selections to those that can be enhanced through a details recommended printing approach.

Why Pick Aquaholic Gifts for Every One Of Your Custom Printing Requirements?

Whether you're searching for custom-made pens or bulk beer glass printing, Aquaholic has the very best things for promoting your service. We hope this guide has provided you some insight right into just how promotional items or corporate gifts in Singapore are printed. We can't wait to place it to work when we speak to you regarding your following project!

Still unclear which item customization process is the most effective suitable for your promotions? We would certainly like to assist you by addressing your concerns or providing suggestions. Please contact us today to find out more.

Corporate gifts supplier
Corporate gifts in singapore

Corporate gifts in singapore

Why corporate gifts in Singapore work?

You probably know this, whether you are a marketing and branding expert or a novice to the field. Most consumers need to see a company name several times before being enticed to purchase. This is known as a "touchpoint", or an interaction point between a brand's target market and the brand. You can speed up the process with customized corporate gifts from Aquaholic Gifts and make sure your business is noticed.

Brand awareness is not the only reason to include imprinted giveaways in your marketing strategy. We'll be breaking down six other key reasons promo products work.

1. At Trade Shows & Industry Events, Get Noticed

It's important that you stand out among hundreds of other companies when attending trade shows or conventions. This goal can be achieved by creating buzz about your brand through the giveaway of high-quality corporate gifts in Singapore. Everyone loves a gift. Giving away something useful, fun, or interesting is sure to bring more people to your booth.

This interest continues even after the event ends. In fact, 88% of recipients recall the company name on the promotional products.

2. Increasing brand credibility

These promotional items can be used to hand out to attendees at events. Promo items are a great way for your business to maintain professionalism and create a cohesive brand experience. This increases trust among those who see your company in action.

Restaurants can use customized wine glasses with their logo or coffee shops can offer drinks in personalized cups. You can personalize even small items like pens with your logo or brand color scheme to make it look more professional.

3. The Organization has Exciting Employees

Your employees work hard to ensure your business runs smoothly. You can reward your staff with a special gift. You could give them t-shirts or imprinted office products and drinkware personalized with your logo and branding. This is a great way of showing appreciation and respect by expressing your appreciation and morale.

4. Assist with fundraising efforts

Not all promotional products can be given away for free. To raise funds for charitable and fundraising causes, schools, sports teams, non profit organizations, and other organizations, can purchase branded products. A high school football team could make a gift basket with custom stadium blankets, and other accessories for a fundraiser that will be auctioned off to buy new uniforms.

5. Provide Consumers with something they can (and will) use

Promo products don't only serve as a way to advertise a company. These products are useful and valuable, which will help your target audience associate your brand with their favorite items. These tote bags can be used in many situations, including at the airport and grocery stores.

People will be more inclined to contact the company that provided them with a handy, free gift when they need products or services. The benefits of having that company as yours are indisputable. Study shows that 85% of promotional product users end-up doing business with the company who provided the item.

Create a continuous stream of free advertising

Advertisement for your business online, on TV, or on billboards in the local area can be expensive. A 30-second spot on a national TV station can run up to $115,000 (opens a new window). 3 This does not include the cost of film production, actors and many other essential ingredients that make a great commercial. This applies to all forms of advertising. Your company will have to pay for your advertising materials.

Promotional products or Corporate Gifts in Singapore are a cost-effective way to promote your business. You can promote your brand wherever you go by handing out customized beach towels, custom-made water bottles, and promotional sunglasses featuring your logo. If a trade show visitor brings their custom-made coffee tumbler to an airport, many people will see your logo. Promoting a company is possible with even small items like customized key tags. Word-of-mouth advertising is a great way to reach new customers and expand your target market. Your brand's information will remain visible to your audience for longer than any TV commercials or pay-per click ads, due to the fact that most people keep their best corporate gifts in singapore for eight months on average.

Corporate gifts singapore

Corporate gifts supplier singapore

Best Practices to use corporate gifts to promote your brand

Promoting products is a proven marketing strategy recommended by corporate gifts supplier singapore. This allows businesses to be recognized and gain brand exposure. However, this advertising strategy has become a bit stale over the years. Many companies don't take the time and choose the right corporate gift items. If done correctly, promotional items can have a positive impact on your company's marketing. How can you leverage this technique?

Brandede merchandise choices: office supplies, promotional apparel etc.

There are many options available. office products will never go out of fashion. You can find writing instruments, such as pens, notebooks and stationaries. These items can be purchased in bulk, which allows you to get discounts from your supplier. If you are interested in trendy items, you can look at what is popular in your industry.

Corporate Gifts Supplier Singapore have been shifting to eco-friendly items like reusable bags or water bottles for their proposal to their corporate clients. These items are great because they have a positive impact on the company and help to improve its image. You must also consider the relationship between an item and your brand. It is not possible to give away promotional items without any connection to your business.

Do you need a logo?

It is generally believed that promotional products should include the logo of the company. Marketing experts say that this is not always necessary. You can personalize these items instead, especially if it is for loyal customers. You can, for example, make the client's name prominent while placing the logo of the company in a more hidden area. The promotion will be more effective if the receiver is more likely use the item.

The best practice for giving away clothing and similar items

Popular corporate gifts include shirts and hats. If you are going to place your company logo on these items, be creative. Instead of having a large logo on the front, why not use a slogan that is relevant to your brand? This will encourage customers to wear the promotional item, and they won't feel embarrassed.

Select items that have a long shelf-life

When choosing Singapore Corporate Gifts, longevity is an important consideration. It is important that your customer has something they can use for a long period of time. Pen holders can be given away instead of pen pens. There is an exception to the rule. Sometimes, items with a shorter shelf-life make more sense. It's better to give food away as promotional products during holidays. It's more memorable and effective to give away what is appropriate for the season.

Offer your customers the option

So that customers have options, it's a good idea to offer a range of Singapore Corporate Gifts. This is a great strategy for bulk production of promotional goods. The customer will be more likely to use the product if they can choose it. Because the receiver chooses the item, this will reduce waste and increase the value of the items that you are giving away.

Promotional products are here to stay, and the right decision will positively impact your business. Call Aquaholic Gifts today as we are a leading Corporate Gifts Supplier Singapore

Corporate gifts supplier singapore
Cheap corporate gifts singapore
Cheap corporate gifts singapore

What is the Definition of Promotional Products or Corporate Gifts in Singapore ?

A inexpensive promotional product or cheap corporate gifts in Singapore is any product or item that you give your customers to help promote your company. These products usually include the logo, tagline, name, phone number, and website address of any company giving them to clients. These products are often used to promote an activity of the company that gives them, such as an event, a new service, or a significant discount.

According to the dictionary definition, "Promotional products, promotional articles, promotional merchandise or corporate gifts" means: A pen, mug or bag, coaster or calendar, pen, pen, mug or bag, coaster or calendar, cap or clock, diary or other advertising gift given to a current or prospective customer. These items are often branded with the logo of the company and its address. They also include information about the products and services. Also known as advertising novelty or advertising speciality.

Many companies, foundations and organisations use promotional products to promote their products or services. These are usually products people can use in their daily lives. They may also include branding, website addresses or phone numbers.

The industry of corporate gifts in Singapore is valued at over $20 billion and will continue to grow. What are the fundamentals of this multifaceted industry?

It all began where?

First, our generation wasn't the first to think of promotional products as a marketing tool. Promotional products or Corporate Gifts are not a modern invention.

The earliest corporate gifts were probably created during the dawn of humanity, right as men began trading. If he wanted to be the best seller, he would offer a sample of his product, some of his finest fruit or some prime meat. As our civilisation developed, strategies started evolving.

1789 was the turning point in this evolution. This was the year that George Washington's supporters received commemorative buttons before the elections. The popularity of promotional products grew steadily after that. There were printed rulers and wooden objects in the 19th century.

Why are corporate gifts in Singapore so important?

These are important because they offer benefits that no other marketing strategy can deliver in such a short period of time and with such low budgets.

* Benefits in-house

You can also use promotional products at your workplace. They can not only be a great way to increase sales but also provide employee satisfaction.

It's easy to give your sales team promotional items when it comes down to sales. The products can be given to clients after they sign a contract. Or, they can build rapport with potential clients by sending gift bags. This is how clients can show appreciation for the fact they chose you and how it makes your job easier.

There is another benefit in the company. Your employees can be given promotional items. Branded T-shirts , Tshirts , and Promotional Pens should all be available. Your high-quality promotional products should only be given to employees who are the best or for special occasions. This is how employees can become brand advocates, even when they are not working.

* Benefits for customers

This area is crucial for promotional products. You can get high-quality, low-cost marketing with business corporate gifts in Singapore. This is a much better option than any other type of marketing per impression. You can get low-cost exposure if you select quality products that are likely to be used on a regular basis. Branding benefits are also available for people who purchase products from you. Last but not least, customer loyalty.

What is the difference between advertising and promotional products?

Advertisements and promotional products are not the same thing. Why? Advertising is more costly than a promotion and can be used when you are trying to increase long-term awareness of your product/service. Advertising can include ads in magazines, newspapers, mail and social media. Promotional products, on the other hand, are designed to get a quick response.

But, is the key word in this sentence. Why? Good promotional products can have a lasting effect if they are used in a well-designed campaign.

What corporate gifts can you make in Singapore?

Everything you think people will use regularly. We aren't joking and we don't oversimplify. Research shows that over 750.000 products can be used as promotional merchandise. Pens can be personalized with your company logo, phone number and website address. Drinkware, conference folders and all types of paper products, bags and accessories for desks, keyrings and novelties, technology and sweets are all possible.

Each one has its advantages. If you choose to use drinkware, your bottle or mug will be in front of your potential customers every day. They will read your message repeatedly. They will then turn to you when they are in need of a niche-specific brand or product. They will feel that you provide additional value, and they will feel they "know" your company.

Customized cotton shopping bags or conference folders can make a big impact for your company. These are highly used and cheap corporate gift Singapore. These bags will transform recipients into walking billboards.

You can also promote technology products such as branded powerbanks to show potential clients and partners that you are up-to-date with modern times. You don't have to be behind the times, you are aware of what people want and need and take the necessary steps to provide it.

Before you use promotional products or corporate gifts, here are some things to consider

  • Before you place an order, determine the audience you are trying to reach.
  • Your goals - Make sure you know what your products are supposed to do. Next, choose the right product type and seek advice if needed.
  • Budget is important - don't go overboard. It is better to choose smaller items but high-quality products than large, poorly made ones. You are trying to win people over.

A promotional product or Corporate Gifts in Singapore that appeals to your target audience is a great choice. If you are smart, you can get a good return on your investment.

Corporate gifts wholesale singapore

What are the most popular corporate gifts wholesale products in Singapore?

Here are some of the most sought-after corporate gifts wholesale Singapore that you can use to impress customers, including custom drinkware and branded clothing.


Corporate pens and custom notebooks are all great gifts. These products don't cost too much, so they are great for gifting. They are also practical enough to be carried around. They will give you the exposure that you need.

You should order several stationery items if you choose to use them. This will allow you to create interesting bundles for your customers and keep them engaged.

Get Promotional Drinkware

Custom tumblers and reusable water bottles are also popular choices, as everyone needs to hydrate on a daily basis. These items will show your audience that you care about them and are sensitive to their needs.

Another advantage of branded drinkware? is its durability. High-quality tumblers or bottles can last for up to one year. Mugs can last much longer. You'll be a lasting advertisement if you invest in them. These are inexpensive corporate gifts wholesale products in Singapore.

Tech Accessories and Gadgets

Personalised tech gadgets are a great option if your brand caters towards younger generations. You can choose from branded speakers or logo headphones to go with cheaper options like printed USB sticks.

These products have one problem: their high price. These products are also the most expensive promo items. You might consider branding a handful of gadgets and giving them away as prizes in a contest. You will generate buzz online about your brand while still staying within your budget.

Apparel printing

Last but not the least, printed clothes are always a safe and effective option. This product checks all the boxes for great promotional products: utility, affordability, and high visibility.

You can personalize a variety of clothing items depending on your industry. Printed Tshirts and personalized sweats are sure to be a hit. You can also add branded jackets, custom pants or accessories such as logo gloves and printed hats. You can't go wrong if you brainstorm what makes the most sense to your audience.

Last Thoughts

Businesses around the globe turn to promo products as their primary advertising medium. These products are affordable and can reach larger audiences, ensuring your brand is well-respected.

Start analyzing your target audience to kickstart your next promo campaign. You can fit any product, whether it's drinkware, tech gadgets or something entirely different. Remember, creativity is the key to branding and marketing success. Contact Aquaholic Gifts for your corporate gift wholesale Singapore today.

Corporate gifts wholesale singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

You can place order by contact us via email at or contact us via WA or call +65 6589 8175 for more on corporate gifts singapore order placement.  

Our Corporate Gifts in Singapore minimum order quantity usually starts from 200 pcs onwards depending on the items per say. Sometimes we do give exceptions for quantity below 100 pcs. Do contact our sales person available online via what'app for more on corporate gifts Singapore enquiry. 

Corporate Gifts has proven to be very effective on boosting employees' morale or promoting a new product launch in Singapore. Marketing executives in Singapore have relied heavier on corporate gifts to gain eyeball on upcoming marketing campaigns for their new product launches by utilising  the power of corporate gifting to secure better relationships with potential and existing new customers and to show appreciation for their support. 

Usually the lead time required for production of customised corporate gifts range from 30 to 60 days depending on the complexity of the product per say.