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For the cap-loving or hoarder, there's a customised cap for all occasions. Whatever you're planning to do there's always at the very least one cap that will be more appropriate for the event than all the others of your collection. There's a customised cap that's perfect for indoor party, one to go for a night walks in the park and maybe one to just hang around in the home! We completely understand. Caps are among the most practical and versatile garments that you will avoid loving.

If you're planning to have customised caps made to your team, take it! In the end, nobody could ever have enough caps - unless they are an avid hoarder and for now, we'll draw the line at 30 caps. But, it is important to master the procedure one step at each step and also the best practices and rules. However, if you aren't sure of your choice on the design and material, don't fret, you've already started your journey right now because you're here!

Before you delay it further there are five things to be aware of when designing and printing your custom caps!

Wrong Material

As you've probably guessed there are a variety of materials that make an excellent cap. For example, polyester caps is seriously? It can either absorb heat from the sun or to cool you during hot weather the material is notorious for its inability to do both. When it comes to clothing you should put your comfort and convenience over everything else, particularly for things such as caps. If you don't like the feel of wearing customised caps, it will not be for long before they end up on the floor of the closet to gather dust. Choose a cotton or blend with sweat-wicking characteristics. Sometimes, even a cotton-polyester cap will make you sweat like in a bucket, so you need to ensure you select the appropriate material. If you're certain that you'll be wearing the cap throughout the day it is possible to select a fabric that has a higher percentage of cotton is your first priority.

What should I do?

Find out the purpose of your cap and in what context is it going to be used. Indoors? Outdoors? What's your climate or typical weather? Does it often rain in your area? Then, you can compare it to the different choices of materials available to you. If your area is always wet then perhaps polyester will work. If, however, your location is hot and humid it is likely that you sweat heavily outdoors. Therefore, choosing sweat-wicking fabrics is the best choice.

The wrong printing method

Let's look at the two most well-known materials such as screen printing and embroidery. Which one should you opt for? Based on the fabric you choose material, both could be mistakes! If you select an extremely light material like polyester, embroidery may not look great on the customised cap singapore, and it could damage the fabric in a way. Screen printing is a viable option for many fabrics, however, embroidery could be the most durable and long-lasting choice based on the frequency at which it will be exposed to sun.

What do I do?

Choose the material you prefer first, and then proceed to the printing process after you've made your choice. If you're not comfortable with the technical details then you should trust the experts to make the best choices for you.

Incorrect Placement

The wrong placement of your printed design could affect both the design and the quality of your customised cap. The design might hit seams or stitches where certain components, like the bill the needle catch, which can cause the machine to fall over and destroy the needle, harm the fabric or any combination of the above. With all that aside your customised cap may appear unprofessional as well. You might also want to steer clear of an all-over style. This shouldn't be an issue If your design works however, if it doesn't make sense, it could be a mistake and could cost you a lot. Each time a spot needs to be printed using the design, a brand new price will be added to the invoice.

What should I do?

Be careful not to position your design in a way that is too high or close to the hat's bill. It is always best to speak with a printing expert regarding this.

Unsuited Colours

Except for the case of the trademark of a company or for security reasons, it's not common to see people sporting neon-coloured customised caps . And it's due to an reason. Although the caps may be either yellow or green the majority of them are the lighter or darker tones. The colour is usually solid, not shiny or reflective.

What do I do?

Avoid neon If it's not the color of your team or distinctive. Choose a solid color (be it dark or light) that will complement skin tones of all shades well.

Design on The Bill

Although it's not impossible to print your message on your bill, there's additional things to consider that could break or lower your bill look like a cap. First, take a take a look at the bottom on the back of the note. The bill's cardboard could become wavy because of the heat that is pressed into it. If you frequently remove your customised cap and place it in your hand and then bend it, you could subconsciously twist the bill and cause the print to become loose. Additionally that your cap may have undergo additional procedures to get an image printed or embossed across the back of the card. As a result, this could result in a greater total cost on the invoice. And, what's the reason for the charge? If you're not more taller or smaller than yourself, having the design on the panels could make the panels more noticeable and appealing to people who pass by.

What do I do?

Do not design and print the bill. If you must, select a corner where you can place the logo in a small or medium-sized image. Make sure to not completely cover the bill with ink printed so that it doesn't look dirty.

Overall the idea is and clear. While customised caps are an easy item of clothing to use, it doesn't mean that you will be able to avoid any errors when it comes to printing the process of printing a customised cap procedure. It is a fact it is evident in this post, there's many factors to be considered when printing headwear item. It is always advisable to look over your ideas before proceeding using the original idea you had in mind. You can also talk with a professional regarding the matter.

Cap Embroidery

Our MOQ for customised cap singapore is usually 300 pcs onwards with logo imprint. 

Lead time to customise caps in Singapore is 30 days for production and 7 days for sample prototype. 

Cost to customise a cap range from $3 to $6 (based on 300 pcs MOQ) depending on the complexity and size of the logo to be printed on the caps per say.