Custom Cap Singapore

Customised Cap Singapore

Customised Cap Singapore: Tricks to create stunning customised caps to promote your business

Pointers for designing your caps

Customised Cap Singapore are an excellent option to advertise your company's image. For promotional merchandise or even for uniforms for employees designing customised caps provides an opportunity to double. First, it's a lasting symbol of your brand and it's highly prominent to boot. In addition, the appearance gives you the chance to establish the identity of your company.

From styles for caps to options for embroidery, we've put some of the best tips to anyone who wants to get into the customised cap singapore market.

Why customised cap in Singapore are a great method to advertise your brand ?

If your customised caps are part of the uniforms for employees to be worn at work or an an event and you want to make them stand out, they could be an excellent option to increase your brand's visibility. In simple terms the caps are in the eyes of everyone and they are more likely to be able to see they are there. Furthermore, if it's promotional merchandise is a chance to spread awareness about your brand. In many instances custom caps will end up becoming an essential part of a person's clothing, providing endless conversation points about your merchandise as well as, ultimately your brand.

What is the type of embroidery?

There are two major kinds of embroidery. The second can be described as 3D puff embroidery. As the name implies it's a raised, three-dimensional design. It's a great choice for big and simple designs, especially the round letters that have enough space between the letters. This is a great option for you if you're trying to make a bold splash by introducing your design.

The other type is flat embroidery, which is the most popular type that is directly stitched to the caps. This gives you more freedom with regards to the style you choose to use and may be the best option if you're seeking a look that's more subtle.

Selecting a style of customised cap Singapore

There are a lot of choices out in terms of customised caps including trucker caps, dad hats, every one customised cap has advantages. Every type of cap conveys an image of a particular type that's why it is important to consider who your target audience is and what your most appropriate option is. For instance, take the bucket hat for example. The bucket hat has seen a return in recent times and are frequent sight at gigs, shows and festivals. If you're looking to attract a younger musical audience, this might be a good option. However it is important to consider the type of style you'd like to achieve using embroidery, since there are certain styles that may not work for you.

What is the type or layout?

A common error with customised cap is to directly transfer an existing design. It's a completely different process to direct-to-garment printing and , therefore, requires a different method. It is best to choose something simpler like this, as basic designs are much easier to embroider, and give an elegant, polished appearance. It is also recommended to avoid smaller, more intricate designs and consider the fact that you only need to use a certain quantity of colours.

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Custom Cap Singapore

Our MOQ for customised cap singapore is usually 300 pcs onwards with logo imprint. 

Lead time to customise caps in Singapore is 30 days for production and 7 days for sample prototype. 

Cost to customise a cap range from $3 to $6 (based on 300 pcs MOQ) depending on the complexity and size of the logo to be printed on the caps per say.