Customised Cap Singapore

Customised Cap Singapore

Customised Cap Singapore: Tricks to create stunning customised caps to promote your business

Pointers for designing your caps

Customised Cap Singapore are an excellent option to advertise your company's image. For promotional merchandise or even for uniforms for employees designing customised caps provides an opportunity to double. First, it's a lasting symbol of your brand and it's highly prominent to boot. In addition, the appearance gives you the chance to establish the identity of your company.

From styles for caps to options for embroidery, we've put some of the best tips to anyone who wants to get into the customised cap singapore market.

Why customised cap in Singapore are a great method to advertise your brand ?

If your customised caps are part of the uniforms for employees to be worn at work or an an event and you want to make them stand out, they could be an excellent option to increase your brand's visibility. In simple terms the caps are in the eyes of everyone and they are more likely to be able to see they are there. Furthermore, if it's promotional merchandise is a chance to spread awareness about your brand. In many instances custom caps will end up becoming an essential part of a person's clothing, providing endless conversation points about your merchandise as well as, ultimately your brand.

What is the type of embroidery?

There are two major kinds of embroidery. The second can be described as 3D puff embroidery. As the name implies it's a raised, three-dimensional design. It's a great choice for big and simple designs, especially the round letters that have enough space between the letters. This is a great option for you if you're trying to make a bold splash by introducing your design.

The other type is flat embroidery, which is the most popular type that is directly stitched to the caps. This gives you more freedom with regards to the style you choose to use and may be the best option if you're seeking a look that's more subtle.

Selecting a style of customised cap Singapore

There are a lot of choices out in terms of customised caps including trucker caps, dad hats, every one customised cap has advantages. Every type of cap conveys an image of a particular type that's why it is important to consider who your target audience is and what your most appropriate option is. For instance, take the bucket hat for example. The bucket hat has seen a return in recent times and are frequent sight at gigs, shows and festivals. If you're looking to attract a younger musical audience, this might be a good option. However it is important to consider the type of style you'd like to achieve using embroidery, since there are certain styles that may not work for you.

What is the type or layout?

A common error with customised cap is to directly transfer an existing design. It's a completely different process to direct-to-garment printing and , therefore, requires a different method. It is best to choose something simpler like this, as basic designs are much easier to embroider, and give an elegant, polished appearance. It is also recommended to avoid smaller, more intricate designs and consider the fact that you only need to use a certain quantity of colours.

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Customised Cap Singapore

Custom Cap Singapore


The Custom Cap Singapore are trending for a few years and are still in fashion. It's not a brand trendy or new thing however, it's among the top well-known fashions that hasn't changed over time. A majority of big companies and businesses utilize these caps to advertise their brand to the general public. If you're someone looking to understand the significance of these caps and the reason businesses continue to lust after it This article is perfect for you. There are many benefits of these custom cap singapore that businesses can't ignore at any point in time.



Custom Cap Singapore are one such marketing strategy for a business which won't leave the hole in their pockets but reach an enormous number of people in a single day. Imagine a man walking wearing a cap that is custom-made and embroidered with a company's name on his head while walking along an extremely busy road. Nearly everyone who passes him will be able to see the custom cap, and some people will be aware of the name of the company. It's like a walking billboard, which will display the brand's name everywhere. Embellishing with the logo of the business on the front of custom cap singapore has assisted companies in the marketplace.

Business Gifting

The giving of business gifts is a regular occurrence and the majority of businesses offer pens, diaries, and so on. for this reason. In the midst of all the options for gifting for businesses to give out, custom caps will surely will stand out. They're distinctive and thoughtful gifts that can aid in branding. Additionally, they're not expensive neither. It's a great method to increase exposure for your business without burning a hole into your wallet. Also, keep in mind that giving these custom cap in Singapore at sporting events is an excellent marketing strategy.


Every brand that is out there strives to be unique and there's no wrong or novel in this. Distributing embroidered hats and custom caps to advertise your business is an excellent and unique option to stand out the crowd. It is crucial to develop a unique and distinctive concept for your cap to ensure that it can stand above the rest of your competition.


If you offer services through your business and typically dispatch your executives into the market, the fact that they wear your cap are sure to make it easier for customers to recognize. The brand recognition can benefit your business in many ways. The custom caps are able to create a unique identity of your employees from their surroundings.


If an employee has to serve customers by wearing the company's logo custom cap singapore shows the professionalism of your business. It creates a stylish appearance, and also increases the respect for your business. But, it's important for entrepreneurs to choose an elegant design for their custom caps ,so that they draw the attention of customers and leave a lasting impression on the people who wear them.


It's an essential aspect you must be aware of. There are a myriad of ways to advertise your business, but only a few of them fit within a budget. If you have your caps made in bulk, you'll pay a much lower amount, but they'll be very useful to promote your brand at the final.

This is just some of the advantages of custom cap Singapore for business. If you're a person who is looking to find innovative methods of marketing and promoting your business You should definitely take a look. They're effective and fashionable in the same time.

Customised Cap Singapore

Cap Printing Singapore


One of the biggest challenges businesses face is finding top promotional caps that are appropriate to the event, occasion or season. A logo or slogan printed on a customized caps or hats is a tried and tested method to make your company's name visible. But, picking the right style of hat that will be well-received by the individuals who wear the hat is essential. Given that spring is fast approaching, it's time to buy the latest, stylish, personalized hats that are perfect for spring. Therefore, Discount Promotional Caps put up a selection of promotional hats ideal for spring.


Who said that baseball caps should only be worn for sporting occasions? Customised baseball cap printing are the classic hat to wear in spring. It's versatile and can be worn with any outfit, whether doing errands or pair it with more formal clothes. The baseball hat is an essential accessory when you want to look like you belong in the athleisure scene. At Aquaholic Gifts, we offer a wide branding space for you to embroider or sew the logo of your choice onto your baseball cap printing


The printed fisherman's hats are back in fashion this year. It's the best moment to purchase bucket hats for promotional purposes to keep up with the latest fashion. Celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa as well as Hailey Bieber continue to favour bucket hats. You could be thinking about stocking them to let your customers copy their looks. Apart from stylishly adopting the fashion Our branding experts have the equipment to embellish your logo or logo on bucket hats with embroidery, screen printing as well as full-color sublimation printing.


Sun Visor hats are a great option to wear all through the summer and spring and can save you money purchasing promotional items. This type of promotional visor hat is perfect for outdoor and for sports. Logo-branded visors are the ideal solution for those who want to protect their eyes from sun and also enhance their individual style while they live a nomad life style. With custom-designed visors, you're not just shielding your customers from damaging UV Rays. With methods like screen printing, embroidery or screen printing, we are able to add a design to the cap printing singapore that displays an image or your brand's message.

This brief overview of stylish promotional cap printing in Singapore to help you plan your next spring campaign. If you're looking for more innovative marketing concepts our branding experts at Aquaholic are ready to assist you. Call us via +65 6589 8175 or email us at

Cap Printing Singapore
Custom Caps Singapore

Custom Caps Singapore

Things to Know When Ordering Custom Caps Singapore for Your Company

Caps aren't just fashionable accessories but can be useful in numerous ways. A reliable shield against the sun caps are essential in hot weather. Custom Caps Singapore look elegant and is an essential item for everyone people, whether aged or young. Very rarely is a cap to be discarded because even if one does not want to wear it any more There is a greater likelihood that they will give it to someone else.

So, custom caps singapore are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use for your business. Make your custom caps Singapore unique to the requirements of your brand, and you'll have an opportunity to win. It is also possible to design the caps with a distinctive style and also add some striking imagination. Your clients will appreciate being able to wear these attractive caps more frequently. A custom cap in Singapore can assist you to communicate your brand's identity significantly better, and not only promote your business but also improve your brand's image.

Here are some suggestions to use when making custom caps for your company:

While custom caps can offer huge returns, you should be aware of a few things when placing an order for the caps.

The goal of your campaign

You might want to purchase custom caps Singapore to draw new customers, or to advertise your services or products. Some companies distribute customised items at trade shows or business gatherings.

The purpose of the cap you choose to use is essential because you'll need to put the info on the cap, therefore, your overall design will be based on this.

Know your target audience

Customizing caps in Singapore is easier when you know the people they're intended for and the way they will utilize the caps. If your target market is young and young adults, you must opt for fashionable style and design. Traditional cotton caps are ideal for an audience with a mix of. If you're targeting an adventure-oriented crowd or sports enthusiasts who are into sports, then you must choose an extremely durable fabric with an elastic style.

Understanding your target audience can help to design caps that offer the greatest value. A well-designed custom cap is the ideal marketing tool available because it'll be an item that is loved by your target audience. They will be using it frequently which will increase your brand's recognition.

One of the advantages of custom caps is that , no regardless of who your target audience is your caps will never go to in the trash because even if a portion members of your audience do not like the style the cap, they could transfer it to someone who is willing to wear it. That's the benefit of customized caps!

Printing options

The most common two printing options available for custom caps include screen printing as well as embroidery. The silk-screen and the heat transfer are well with caps with larger panels. The popularity of embroidery is higher for customized caps since it does not just add perceived value, but can also make the design more refined. The wearer will also appreciate cap designs with embroidery. It can be expensive, based on the design and size of the print. Choose the best printing method for you according to your budget and your purpose.

Be aware of trends and styles

Whatever your age group is, everyone loves an updated style. Check out what's popular currently and then try to include the look when you place an order for custom caps in Singapore. You might also believe that all caps look identical however the reality is, there exist a variety of designs of caps that are in fashion in the present. Being aware of the different styles is important since only then will you be able to determine what style is best suited to your image as a brand.

These are some styles for caps:

Caps for baseball: It is one of the most well-known and well-known styles. It's not just fashionable and the correct shape, but also has an ideal canvas to embellish with decorative elements. It is typically made of a material that is breathable, which allows it to be very comfortable to wear. It also features a the perfect fit, and therefore offers practicality as well as modern design.

The two styles most commonly used in baseball caps are a classic style and a contemporary style. The former is made from wool and the latter is typically available in cotton or any other synthetic material.

Caps for dads: An elegant style that is gaining popularity dad caps are in high demand with celebs and everyone else. The classic style has six panels, and is slightly curved , but does not come with a tailored design. The material may be canvas or cotton and is therefore extremely comfortable. The father caps have embroidery, and appear elegant and classy.

Caps for truckers: Earlier, truck drivers in the US were wearing the cap style since they were made of mesh in the back of the cap, making the caps ventilated. Nowadays, the style is an increasingly popular fashion. It is also very popular with Hollywood stars. They generally have a funny design on the front. The hat is loved by all ages, old and young, trucker caps are an ideal choice for your business's advertising campaigns.

Caps that are unstructured and structured: The caps which has a stiff fabric called buckram behind the front panels, giving them a rigid form. When you place it in the middle of the table the cap will retain its form. Unstructured or not the fabric and style will give your customized caps an individuality and flair that makes them make them stand out.

Caps with Flexfit: They have an elastic band that is stretchable to be a perfect fit for the shape of any head. These caps are thought as one of the top for branding promotions.

There are many different styles. Select the one that best fits the image of your company.

The correct branding and design is crucial.

Branding isn't just about displaying your logo, but adopting a style that's which is consistent with your company's identity. For instance, the colour you choose should be in harmony with your logo's design to make to make it make an impression. If you choose a color that is not compatible, it will be unintentionally distracting from the image of your company.

If the brand is established the logo is enough. However, for start-ups or other businesses that are just beginning in addition to logos with a link to their website as well as a catchy slogan that refers to their products or services can help draw interest.

The best thing about customized caps is the fact that they provide plenty of space and space to express your ideas and can enable you to communicate your message to the maximum extent.

Your budget

Each company has a set budget for advertising campaigns. The design, style, and quantity of your order need to be in line with your budget. The price of printing various designs will differ However, no matter what kind of style and design choose for, you should ensure comfort and ease.

Custom caps Singapore that are well-designed and functional are a great way to boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Choose a reliable printing business who can take flight with your idea and create gorgeous and stylish customized caps on your behalf.

Cap Embroidery Singapore

Cap Embroidery Singapore - How can they be used for both pleasure and business

Custom Cap Embroidery Singapore are an absolute must for many men. They're as a part of an individual's image just as their hair is to them. Or even if you're not a hat man for fun or for work, you could wear them for professional reasons.

When your favorite hat becomes a regular habit, you may be wearing it since it represents your team by displaying a logo or the name of your favorite designer. Although hats can be found in a variety of styles and colors from authorized resellers, some men who wear hats for fashion for their own personal reasons may prefer an individual look that reflects the most intimate aspects of their lives. In these instances, it's common to sell these caps in retail stores or give them gifts to friends and family. This is where having a customized cap embroidery designed comes into play.

Caps with custom embroidery may be applied to a variety of different styles of hats that are available beyond the items in our custom print site. We can access snapbacks, fitted caps, 5 panels, 6 panels, unstructured, structured, trucker with low profile, mesh trucker...pretty all the things a client requires we can supply in every color!

We'd suggest embroidery for any hat with a 6 panel or well-constructed, as the ink could bunch up on the seam running through the middle. It may also not be uniformly distributed on hats that are structured as they are difficult to bend when pressed against those hat panels. It's possible, however, embroidery would provide a better result for this kind of hat.

Another option for Custom Cap Embroidery Singapore is to screen print. It's durable and extremely wearable and, in certain cases, more affordable based on the function for the cap. For either of these options it is best to go with simplicity as the amount of real estate available is very limited.

Why do people wear caps of this kind so much? Are there any rules to be followed? The practicality of hats has become fashionable. The baseball cap of the past was a way for keeping the sun away from the eyes of the player. There are still some who wear the cap for this reason or to keep hair that is longer kept in check by the wind. Many men would say they are also making a fashion statement that has been sparked not only by sports but also by various music genres like hip-hop and country and western.

To draw the attention of ladies to be attractive, there are certain fashion faux pas which should never be used. For instance, you should never ever wear a hat during the first date, especially when you're going to an excellent restaurant. It's not a problem when your first date is an outdoor sports event, such as fishing or hiking. If you approached to meet her on one of these dates and she said yes and you were able to impress her, then you've got yourself a true keeper. Also, never is an old, dirty, shabby cap suitable. Even if it's the one you love and most comfortable, you should consider the look of your headwear. Don't keep a particular style for too long. If you've not seen the cap that you're sporting on someone else for a long time, perhaps you should check out what the male fashion blogs have to say about the latest and best.

Baseball cap embroidery are among the most well-known fashion exports from America as are jeans, t-shirts as well as tennis footwear. Do you know Forrest Gump? Some estimates suggest that as much as 20% of hats that are sold are baseball-themed or its counterpart which is the snapback.

We love them because of their appeal as promotional products. This is why logo cap embroidery in Singapore are the preferred choice for many companies as a way to offer practical (and thus appreciated) promotional item. Another popular trend in corporate giveaways and promotional cap embroidery is the performance wear. This kind of hat is perfect for promotions that involve activity such as charity walks, runs as well as outdoor team-building exercises. Most importantly If you personalise a cap is loved by people, they will wear it regularly, even if it's not everyday. It's not the case for t-shirts or polos, unless they are part of an uniform. To boost the worth of a giveaway you can mix a custom cap and t-shirt, it's the standard for promotional giveaways . It's also an unique selling point for the incredibly custom-designed cap embroidery

Cap Embroidery Singapore
Customised cap
Customised cap


For the cap-loving or hoarder, there's a customised cap for all occasions. Whatever you're planning to do there's always at the very least one cap that will be more appropriate for the event than all the others of your collection. There's a customised cap that's perfect for indoor party, one to go for a night walks in the park and maybe one to just hang around in the home! We completely understand. Caps are among the most practical and versatile garments that you will avoid loving.

If you're planning to have customised caps made to your team, take it! In the end, nobody could ever have enough caps - unless they are an avid hoarder and for now, we'll draw the line at 30 caps. But, it is important to master the procedure one step at each step and also the best practices and rules. However, if you aren't sure of your choice on the design and material, don't fret, you've already started your journey right now because you're here!

Before you delay it further there are five things to be aware of when designing and printing your custom caps!

Wrong Material

As you've probably guessed there are a variety of materials that make an excellent cap. For example, polyester caps is seriously? It can either absorb heat from the sun or to cool you during hot weather the material is notorious for its inability to do both. When it comes to clothing you should put your comfort and convenience over everything else, particularly for things such as caps. If you don't like the feel of wearing customised caps, it will not be for long before they end up on the floor of the closet to gather dust. Choose a cotton or blend with sweat-wicking characteristics. Sometimes, even a cotton-polyester cap will make you sweat like in a bucket, so you need to ensure you select the appropriate material. If you're certain that you'll be wearing the cap throughout the day it is possible to select a fabric that has a higher percentage of cotton is your first priority.

What should I do?

Find out the purpose of your cap and in what context is it going to be used. Indoors? Outdoors? What's your climate or typical weather? Does it often rain in your area? Then, you can compare it to the different choices of materials available to you. If your area is always wet then perhaps polyester will work. If, however, your location is hot and humid it is likely that you sweat heavily outdoors. Therefore, choosing sweat-wicking fabrics is the best choice.

The wrong printing method

Let's look at the two most well-known materials such as screen printing and embroidery. Which one should you opt for? Based on the fabric you choose material, both could be mistakes! If you select an extremely light material like polyester, embroidery may not look great on the customised cap singapore, and it could damage the fabric in a way. Screen printing is a viable option for many fabrics, however, embroidery could be the most durable and long-lasting choice based on the frequency at which it will be exposed to sun.

What do I do?

Choose the material you prefer first, and then proceed to the printing process after you've made your choice. If you're not comfortable with the technical details then you should trust the experts to make the best choices for you.

Incorrect Placement

The wrong placement of your printed design could affect both the design and the quality of your customised cap. The design might hit seams or stitches where certain components, like the bill the needle catch, which can cause the machine to fall over and destroy the needle, harm the fabric or any combination of the above. With all that aside your customised cap may appear unprofessional as well. You might also want to steer clear of an all-over style. This shouldn't be an issue If your design works however, if it doesn't make sense, it could be a mistake and could cost you a lot. Each time a spot needs to be printed using the design, a brand new price will be added to the invoice.

What should I do?

Be careful not to position your design in a way that is too high or close to the hat's bill. It is always best to speak with a printing expert regarding this.

Unsuited Colours

Except for the case of the trademark of a company or for security reasons, it's not common to see people sporting neon-coloured customised caps . And it's due to an reason. Although the caps may be either yellow or green the majority of them are the lighter or darker tones. The colour is usually solid, not shiny or reflective.

What do I do?

Avoid neon If it's not the color of your team or distinctive. Choose a solid color (be it dark or light) that will complement skin tones of all shades well.

Design on The Bill

Although it's not impossible to print your message on your bill, there's additional things to consider that could break or lower your bill look like a cap. First, take a take a look at the bottom on the back of the note. The bill's cardboard could become wavy because of the heat that is pressed into it. If you frequently remove your customised cap and place it in your hand and then bend it, you could subconsciously twist the bill and cause the print to become loose. Additionally that your cap may have undergo additional procedures to get an image printed or embossed across the back of the card. As a result, this could result in a greater total cost on the invoice. And, what's the reason for the charge? If you're not more taller or smaller than yourself, having the design on the panels could make the panels more noticeable and appealing to people who pass by.

What do I do?

Do not design and print the bill. If you must, select a corner where you can place the logo in a small or medium-sized image. Make sure to not completely cover the bill with ink printed so that it doesn't look dirty.

Overall the idea is and clear. While customised caps are an easy item of clothing to use, it doesn't mean that you will be able to avoid any errors when it comes to printing the process of printing a customised cap procedure. It is a fact it is evident in this post, there's many factors to be considered when printing headwear item. It is always advisable to look over your ideas before proceeding using the original idea you had in mind. You can also talk with a professional regarding the matter.

Cap embroidery

5 Tips for Promoting your brand's image using cap embroidery ?

Creating Cap Embroidery For Your Brand

Making a cap embroidery design will be an investment. It's not all about making your own logo or design. It is important to consider other aspects. The personalised hat is ideal for the promotion of your company's brand. It could be used for employee uniforms or for an item for promotion.

The cap embroidery you do for your company's logo offers a double chance. It's firstly, it's an excellent way to promote your brand, and is very prominent. Additionally, it's an opportunity to make an image of the identity of your company.

So, from the options for embroidery and styles for caps, to packaging styles, and designs We have listed some suggestions to help you.

Why should you create Cap Embroidery a Great Way to Promote Your Brand?

When cap embroidery form part of your employees' uniforms for work or for an event or even a workplace they can boost your brand's visibility. It's easy to understand customise your caps, they are in the eye of people and they are noticed by people all the time. Additionally, if they're an advertising item you have the chance to increase recognition of your company's name. In many instances cap embroidery can be an everyday staple in any wardrobe. You have a lot of conversation points for your merchandise and the brand you represent.

Best Tips for Creating Cap Embroidery

What kind of Embroidery is ideal for creating Customised Caps?

There are two primary kinds of embroidery to customise capes. The first involves 3D puff embroidery. What exactly is three-dimensional puffing embroidery? It's a raised three-dimensional type of embroidery. It is best used to create simple and large designs. Particularly the round-shaped letters. This is an excellent option for those who want to make a bold and bright impression with your style.

The second type is the most commonly used type that is flat embroidery that is straight stitched into the cap. This lets you be more creative with regards to the style you choose. Additionally, it could be the best option for those who want to create a more minimalist style for your cap embroidery.

Choosing the Cap Style

There are numerous styles of caps you can pick from when designing a personalised hat. There are cap styles like baseball, trucker caps buckets hats, buckets caps and sun hats to mention just a few. Each one has its own benefits.

Each hat type reveals an individuality. It is important to think about the type of audience you are targeting and the most pertinent option. It is also important to think about the kind of style you're planning to create using your embroidery. It is because certain styles might not be appropriate for your needs.

A final consideration when designing personalised hats must be whether or whether it is compatible with it being a part of your company uniform or even event clothing.

What type of Design is the best for creating cap embroidery?

One common mistake when making customised caps is to choose the same design that you've seen on other promotional merchandise. You must think about the design you'd like to incorporate into your custom cap embroidery. The design you design must be appropriate to the type of decoration you choose. For example, if , for example, you opt for embroidery, you must be wary of too small and intricate designs. If printing is the option you pick, be aware that the quantity of colours can affect the cost.

Custom Packaging

Caps and Hats are a big fashion business. If you're designing hats for your business, you should think about investing in packaging like tags and labels. Packaging increases the perceived worth and resale value customized caps. Furthermore, it makes your hats become a collector's product and increases the power of your brand.

Lesson Recap on Creating Caps Embroidery

Cap Embroidery can be a bit complicated but they don't require a lot of effort. If you're able to visualize the look that you want to see on your cap get it today.

If you purchase through Aquaholic Gifts Our Customer Service team will help you make your own custom cap. We also let you create the cap and style that is like that of no other, and without weighing your head with specifics.

Cap embroidery

Our MOQ for customised cap singapore is usually 300 pcs onwards with logo imprint. 

Lead time to customise caps in Singapore is 30 days for production and 7 days for sample prototype. 

Cost to customise a cap range from $3 to $6 (based on 300 pcs MOQ) depending on the complexity and size of the logo to be printed on the caps per say.